Aquatics Express Distribution Limited is the exclusive home of the entire range of ATM products.

We also bring you Pure Reef Rock, Ecosystems Aquarium products including Miracle Mud, now arriving are Redstarfish products, and we supply Dennerle plants and dry goods
This website is designed to be the portal for trade enquiries for any new potential stockists of the products offered by manufacturers listed.

If you are a hobbyist looking for a stockist our dealer locator can give you a map of all dealers. Alternatively to search for your nearest dealer, hover over the 'Dealer Locator' and a search drop down will appear, put in your postcode and a list will appear in order of distance.

We have some fantastic stockists already on board, their livestock ranges are amazing and they will all be more than happy to help you create, set up and stock your tank, from day one using ATM Colony and dry pest free Pure Reef Rock

If you can't find a store local to you currently on our dealer list and you feel your local store should stock our products, please ask them to contact us using the form on this site.

We are confident in the products we supply to the trade and we only supply to fully licensed, vetted, bricks and mortar shops so you can trust our dealers and our products