About Us

ATM UK was born out of years of aquatics experience bumping head long into an idea that went against everything we believed in as keepers of living creatures. That idea was the “instant cycle”.

Watching the show “Tanked” as Brett and Wayde placed delicate sea creatures into what were freshly filled tanks that couldn’t possibly have been “properly” cycled made Craig Carson owner of Aquatics Express quite angry. He was very vocal in the store about how bad it was this was being shown on TV. His close friend Mark Burton contacted ATM in the U.S and ask them to explain how they could have a business based around Aquatic habitats and yet care nothing for the living creatures involved? Mark passed the reply on to Craig and he contacted the guys ATM himself to hear more.

Craig knew from all his 28 years involved in the hobby, not only as a keeper of fish but as an owner of a successful LFS, that without the right bacteria in place marine life cannot survive and what these ATM guys appeared to be doing was animal cruelty!…..”No” replied ATM.” We use COLONY a special mix of the two main bacteria that you would normally wait two months for. In a bottle that you pour into a tank that has been prepared correctly, then you can put fish and corals in straight away””no chemicals, its the very same bacteria that you introduce when you add live rock, only with a bottle of Colony you know how much you are adding, no guess work and no waiting’

Once again Craig s “experience” kicked in he knew that other brands had made the same claims in the past with very poor results, “No” said ATM .” This is very different” Craig asked to buy some samples to test, and in no time at all 2 bottles of Colony were in the UK

After receiving his Colony and reading the on-line information so the tank was properly prepared Craig poured it in and added some fish ready to contact ATM and tell them it had not worked, he didn’t use hardy fish as many would expect, Craig actually tried to break it, he added a powder blue tang, moorish idol, and a shoal of lyretail anthias!

A week passed and a slightly bemused Craig added some clean up crew and some coral, and 5 bangaii cardinals to boot. Another 2 weeks and all was fine. The light was beginning to dawn. With the help of Stacy Blood at ATM Craig began to “really” understand the role of bacteria in a tanks cycle and more importantly which ones were used in the Instant cycle provided by Colony, he watched his tanks inhabitants not only survive but actually flourish!.

So Aquatics Express started selling Colony, as well as the rest of the ATM range,  Mirage, Paradigm, Barrier, Outbreak and Agent Green and instantly had customers getting the same results. Instantly cycled tanks that went on to thrive.

One such customer was Mark Daniels. A successful business man and keen Aquarist, Mark realised the potential in not only ATM’s products but also in Craig s enthusiasm for them. He knew that if Craig s old school experience of  “the long cycle” had been changed over night there must be something worth looking deeper into. They started to throw around some ideas about how they could help bring ATM to the UK.

So after much discussion between Mark, Craig and the guys at ATM in the States, Aquatics Express Distribution Ltd was born. They now are Sole UK distributor of the ATM range  and have enjoyed Introducing these great products to local fish stores across the UK As more retailers and customers see the confidence and  potential in ATM’s ever increasing product range and learn to “Trust the shark”

Craig Carson,

Craig has been in the aquatics hobby for around 28 years, starting with keeping tropical fish until the marine bug bit, hard, and he has never turned back, from working in an aquatic store to going on to open his own store in 2008 Craigs passion is what drives him and the whole ethos of helping customers. Craig always has time to spend talking to his customers to help with any questions, from the very basics that most established hobbyists have long since forgotten to questions on brand new technology, if he doesn’t know the answer he will find it!

Mark Daniels,

Marks background has been franchising and business management for the last 17 years. He has managing director appointments with several companies and joins the company as a director to help promote the business.  Mark has a keen interest in marine aquariums and has built several large aquariums for private and public exhibits including zoos and a private apartment in hyde park London. Mark’s passion in life is diving and finds work and play very closely connected. “Trust The Shark” with ATM and “Save The Sharks” with The Sharks Trust, which Mark also supports.