ATM Hot Salt – Hitting The Spot!


We are now starting to get some fantastic results in from people who have switched to the new ATM Hot Salt

Several shops seeing amazing results from their livestock and are now using Hot Salt in all their systems

One Facebook review from a customer of one of our dealers puts it simply;

‘I thought I’d write this article because I’d heard ATM Hot Salt had had some bad press. I have used quite a few other salts such as Kent Marine, Red Sea Salt, to name but two, however, none have been as good as the ATM Hot Salt. I have been using this Hot Salt for 2 or 3 months now and I’ve noticed that my fish look a lot healthier, more vibrant and more active. My SPS corals have got better growth, vibrant colours and look absolutely fantastic. My LPS corals are similar with good growth rates and vibrant colours as are my soft corals. I would definitely recommend this salt to anyone with a marine tank. It’s much easier to use than other salts; it dissolves faster in the water and, as a consequence it is ready to use more quickly. In my opinion the quality is without doubt the best on the market.’ Simon Drake via Kaleidoscope Aquatic Centre

No its not a cheap salt, but it IS a great salt!