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Alka Haul

Alka Haul, buffering doesnt have to be hard, why use a cheap alternative that doesnt give your system what it needs and is depleted quickly Alka Hauls multi source buffering give you what you need and is more stable and gives longer lasting alkalinity balance than any other with the most efficient dosage, 1 gram per 55 litres = 1dkh


Triage is a must for every aquarists' toolbox, the go to product for emergency reduction of ammonia and nitrite.

Hot Salt Reef

ATM is proud to introduce Hot Salt Reef, the driest and cleanest salt found in the market. Hot Salt is made of high quality “anhydrous” raw materials that have been constructed without the presence of moisture at all, thus providing a completely moisture-free salt. This is important because moisture represents the largest source of contaminants found in salt. Along with superior clearing time, ready time, consistency, and least amount of salt necessary to achieve salinity, Hot Salt Reef is simply the best. Like all other ATM products, Hot Salt is a proprietary formula and is not found in any other product.

Supernova Living Carbon

ATM introduces Supernova Living Carbon. Combined with the awesome organics consuming power of ATM Outbreak!, this pro grade activated carbon is seeded with millions of powerhouse bacteria and their enzymes that break down organics that make their way into the carbon.


ATM’s Outbreak! is a high-powered biological sludge remover that consumes decomposing organics, leaving aquariums clean and free of waste that can cause problems for aquariums. Regular use of Outbreak! improves water quality and leaves aquariums looking their best.


Make no mistake about it. ATM Colony is the product that cycles aquariums instantly! Want your bio-filter immediately? Look no further than ATM Colony, used by the pros world wide. Neither seawater nor anaerobic bacteria will qualify is a surrogate to a concentrated true nitrifying bacteria culture like Colony.


As we move into the future of aquarium keeping, a premium is set on the elimination of as many chemicals as possible to maintain aquariums with nature’s tools. With the recent introduction of sometimes dangerous formaldehyde-based water conditioners in the market, no time has been better for a natural answer to arrive for water conditioning. ATM, the #1 aquarium builders in the world, have such an answer!


ATM’s Barrier brings you this solid, safe sodium thiosulfate formula that instantly neutralizes chlorine and chloramine as well as heavy metals. Barrier also contains aloe vera, which replaces slime coat on fish to reduce stress and aids in attachment of ATM Colony nitrifying bacteria.

Agent Green

Utilizing lanthanum chloride, Agent Green acts as an ion exchanger and uses calcium to bind phosphate into insoluble beads. This is important because the phosphate will not dissolve back into the water while waiting to be swept out by filtration. This formula is relied upon by numerous public and private aquariums to keep their systems clear and free of nuisances associated with high phosphate levels. Safe for reef and all fish.


Chemical cleaners work effectively and leave no streaks, but they often contain ammonia or other toxic chemicals which are harmful to fish. ATM has developed, and uses, Mirage, the #1 glass and acrylic cleaner guaranteed to do the job while leaving no streaks and repelling dust, water spots, and fingerprints. This new non-toxic cleaner is completely safe around the aquarium and fish.