Alka Haul

Fully Loaded Buffering Machine

Alka-Haul Reef is able to go where other products can’t, keeping target alkalinity values much longer, while boosting biological integrity throughout the system. This is made possible by its complete multi-source formula that prevents fast depletion and provides the fundamental building blocks of your system’s biological activity.

Alka-Haul Freshwater is a complete multi-source alkalinity buffer that promotes slow depletion, keeping KH values balanced longer than any other buffer. A complete formula, it also boosts the biological integrity of the system by providing its fundamental building blocks.

226.8 grams


Offense And Defense

ATM Triage First Response leaps into action to address the emergency removal of ammonia toxicity in situations such as bio-filtration stalls or failures, power outages, or any other instance which results in accumulation of unwanted toxic nitrogenous compounds.  Slime coat support and healthy conditions are promoted while toxic conditions are demoted.

118 ml (897 L) | 236 ml (1,798 L) | 473 ml (3,596 L)

Hot Salt Reef


Anhydrous:  It’s Purely Chemistry

ATM is proud to introduce Hot Salt Reef, the driest and cleanest salt found in the market.  Hot Salt is made of high quality “anhydrous” raw materials that have been constructed without the presence of moisture at all, thus providing a completely moisture-free salt.  This is important because moisture represents the largest source of contaminants found in salt.  Along with superior clearing time, ready time, consistency, and least amount of salt necessary to achieve salinity, Hot Salt Reef is simply the best.  Like all other ATM products, Hot Salt is a proprietary formula and is not found in any other product.

The Evidence, Please

Not all salts are created equally.  The new paradigm in salt is not only about “parameters”.  This is a remedial expectation of a quality salt.  What separates the men from the boys is purity.  Luckily for hobbyists, the difference in salt purity can be proven and seen empirically beyond any doubt.


Typical salts that contain moisture generate little to no heat at all when mixed with water.  This is because the materials are already hydrated, slowing down the absorption rate.  Hot Salt’s anhydrous materials, on the other hand, are the exact opposite.  They have been quality controlled to such a degree that they contain no moisture so that they contain no contaminants.  The average concentrated exothermic benchmark for salt mixes range from 80-120 degrees Fahrenheit.  By comparison, Hot Salt registers at temperatures above boiling!


Hot Salt requires the fewest grams of any other salt to reach desired salinity.  For instance, if Hot Salt requires 35g per liter and another salt requires 38.5 grams to achieve the same salinity, that is 3.5 grams of moisture and or unwanted additives!  Adding this up over a 25 kg bucket the difference is not grams, but kilos!  And in those kilos of water is nitrates, phosphates, organics, heavy metals, and the whole scope of contaminants that are found in salt moisture.  It doesn’t take a scientist to see the cumulative effect this has on the aquarium over time.

Clearing And Ready Time

Unlike other salts that leave residues that linger, Hot Salt is completely clear in around six minutes and is ready to use in one hour.  The reason is because Hot Salt utilizes all naturally occurring components*, thus relying on far fewer chemical reactions to achieve proper mix and equilibrium.  Hot Salt is, without a doubt, the envy of all other salt mixes.

*Synthetic components can also cause a higher exothermic reaction due to prolonged reaction time but is not related to dryness or purity.


ATM knows that hobbyists wants useful and valuable information they can apply to their systems.  They want to get to the point.   With Hot Salt you get what you pay for and never less.  There’s no better deal.  Peace of mind is everything





INSTRUCTIONS Measure 1 lb (453.5 g) of ATM Hot Salt™ per 3.6 (US) gal (13.7 l) of pure water to achieve about a 33 ppt salinity or 1.023 specific gravity at about 77 ˚F (25 ˚C). Using this measurement, 3.78 grams of Hot Salt™ will achieve a salt concentration of about 1 ppt per gal (3.78 l). Always mix Hot Salt™ in a separate container prior to introducing to any aquarium. Depending on the mineral content of the “make up” water, Hot Salt™ may show haze for 5–20 minutes while it finds an equilibrium with minerals and salts already present within the “make up” water. Hot Salt mix is ready to use after one hour.



Supernova Living Carbon

Supernova Living Carbon
Carbon is one of the most powerful filtration tools available. Its remarkable abilities in removing pollutants, colors, odors, toxic gasses, and residual medications proves unique and unmatched.  But not all carbon is created equally.  Generally, the higher the quality of the carbon, the better the filtration results.

Carbon’s ability to capture and retain organics, however, is also what has traditionally caused many to not use it as often as they would like in more sensitive systems such as discus habitats and reefs. These combined organics continue to release problematic compounds. They also limit the carbon’s filtering capacity.

Until now…

Solving The Organics Problem

It’s alive! ATM introduces Supernova Living Carbon. Combined with the awesome organics consuming power of ATM Outbreak!, this pro grade activated carbon is seeded with millions of powerhouse bacteria and their enzymes that break down organics that make their way into the carbon.

This results in a longer-lasting carbon which acts as a release point for the bacteria in Outbreak! to bring more benefit to your aquatic system. Already proven in public aquariums such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Sea Life facilities for organics control, Outbreak! will replace your ordinary carbon with Living Carbon.


NOTE:  Supernova is a non-pelleted, superior bituminous reef carbon that is not forged with binders found in pelleted carbons.  These bindings will break down over time and rapidly if using the powerful bacteria enzymes in ATM Outbreak!.  That is why a higher quality carbon will always be in its natural state, providing far more surface area and filtering potential, not to mention impervious to beneficial enzymes!

Carbon, The Media Bacteria Love The Most

Due to its unmatched surface area, composition, and rough surface, carbon acts as the number one choice of housing for the aerobic autotrophs (nitrifying bacteria) that make up your system’s bio-filter.  Nitrifying bacteria will choose carbon as their home over any other media nine times out of ten, in other words.

No Added Moisture

Most carbons have moisture added to it, giving you less carbon and more water for your buck.  Supernova Living Carbon has zero added moisture, which means you get up to 40% more carbon when you go with ATM.  This extra carbon allows a longer use and double the regular volume usage than other carbons.


Measure 1 cup (114 g) of Supernova™ per 100 gallons (378 l) of water monthly for extreme organics conditions.  For typical aquarium conditions measure 1 cup (114 g) of Supernova™ per 200 gallons (756 l) of water bi-monthly.  Measure proportionately for more or less total gallons.  Place Supernova carbon in filter bag or filter chamber and rinse well to remove dust. Place rinsed carbon in high water flow area(s) of aquarium or pond. If removing color and smell, use until water is clear.  Continuous use effective for 1 month under extreme conditions such as aquaculture, three months of normal conditions as in home aquaria.  If removing therapeutic agents, use for 5-consecutive days and dispose.  Note:  Outbreak! bacteria is seeded deep within the carbon.  Rinsing will not remove bacteria prior to installation.


ATM’s Outbreak! is a high-powered biological sludge remover that consumes decomposing organics, leaving aquariums clean and free of waste that can cause problems for aquariums. Regular use of Outbreak! improves water quality and leaves aquariums looking their best.

When aquariums acquire a build-up of sludge, or decomposing organic material, it can leave the system looking dirty and un-kept. Most urgent is the effect on the aquarium. Slime can collect on the biofilter, suffocating the aerobic bacteria needed to filter ammonia and nitrite from the water. One marvelous attribute of this product is it’s ability to completely control odors.

Like most other ATM products, Outbreak! is one of the favorite tools of maintenance companies and industries around the country and, of course, ATM the #1 aquarium builders in the world! For more information about Outbreak!, contact us!

    • Biological Bacteria Blend Keeps Tanks Clean And Odor Free
    • Removes Sludge And All Organic Buildup
    • Ensures A Clean And Healthy Biofilter
    • Safe For All Fish And Wildlife
    • Used By ATM!


The One That Works

Utilizing authentic true nitrifying bacteria, Colony establishes bio-filtration in days instead of weeks.

As trusted by public aquariums around the world, including Sea Life centers, Colony’s claim to fame is through results proven in every corner of the globe and in a variety of systems.

“True” Nitrifying Bacteria: The Real Thing

Only aerobic autotrophs perform bio-filtration as we want it in an aquarium, so not just any bacteria will do.  Colony has the right stuff for the right job.

Historically, establishing bio-filtration has been a multi-week process.  As true nitrifying bacteria are slow reproducers, this wait is necessary for colonies to grow large enough to effectively perform bio-filtration with a full bio-load.  Colony effectively fast-forwards the process by pre-culturing these bacteria and delivering a fully intact bio-filter into any new aquarium.


  • To rapidly establish bi0-filtration in new aquarium
  • After medicating
  • When adding new livestock
  • Replacing media

Does Colony Work?

Yes, Colony works.  Trusted by even public aquariums, ATM delivers a product of integrity and exceptional track record.  There are many industries that do not have the luxury of waiting weeks and weeks to establish bio-filtration.  How do they do it?   Just like this.

ATM Colony is easy to understand, easy to use, and best of all, gets the results you want.


It’s Only Natural

The only all natural water conditioner on the market is Paradigm.  As we move into the future of aquarium keeping, a premium is set on all natural solutions. ATM’s Paradigm is an innovation in dechlorinating, utilizing Vitamin C for detoxifying tap water. Vitamin C boosts immune system while aloe vera promotes natural healing.  Paradigm also helps ATM Colony nitrifying bacteria stick faster to filtration media.

Why Natural?

Water conditioning is one of the remedial maintenance functions of any aquarium, therefore it is best to keep it as simple as possible.  Strong industrial chemicals and reducing agents can only complicate the process by affecting the performance of test kits and, in extreme cases, depleting oxygen.   The beauty of water conditioning by natural means is that it carries with it not risk, but additional benefit.


  • All Natural Vitamin C Formula Neutralizes Chlorine And Chloramines Instantly
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Vitamin E Promotes Natural Healing
  • Replaces Slime Coat Reducing Stress

Immune System Boost

Paradigm becomes invaluable to transporting fish due to the immune system boosting powers of Vitamin C.  As fish begin to stress it is important to reinforce their defense wherever and whenever possible.  Pioneered by Global Marine Imports in Australia, Paradigm is used as a supplement to drastically reduce losses in shipping and inspire fish to eat almost immediately.

And that is the power of nature that chemicals cannot replicate.


Back To The Basics

ATM’s Barrier is a lesson in aquarium fundamentals, bringing you this standard sodium thiosulfate formula that neutralizes chlorine and chloramine as well as heavy metals. Barrier also contains aloe vera, which replaces slime coat on fish to reduce stress and aids in attachment of ATM Colony nitrifying bacteria.

All The Right Stuff

With Barrier there is no harsh industrial reducing agents and that means no problems with test kits and no risks or unwanted side effects.  At ATM we are innovators by nature, but sometimes the “new school” is the “old school”.  A healthy dose of Aloe Vera reinforces fish health in two ways:  By replacing protective slime coat and the natural healing benefits of Vitamin E.

Barrier is also the choice for poorer water conditions where excess heavy metals occur.  Barrier neutralizes these heavy metals, resulting in a safer environment for your fish.


  • Neutralizes Chlorine, Chloramines And Heavy Metals
  • Non-Formaldehyde Formula
  • Replaces Slime Coat Reducing Stress

Agent Green

Speed, Baby, Speed

Like all other products in our stable,  Agent Green phosphate remover is formulated for maximum performance and efficiency.

Phosphate removal is a game of speed.  To enjoy a true zero phosphate environment, one must remove phosphate faster than it can accumulate.  Where other phosphate removers fail in this endeavor is their lack of speed of removal.  Speed is what it takes to remove phosphate from the water column as well as absorbed phosphate.  Only Agent Green has the speed to remove phosphate faster than it can accumulate.

So What Exactly Happens?

Agent Green initiates an ion exchange , highly selective toward calcium to bind phosphate into insoluble beads. These “beads” are soluble inert substances that are harmless to aquatic wildlife.  When introduced into a high flow area of the system, Agent Green will create a smokey effect in the water instantly.  The denser the smoke, the more removal that is taking place.  This smokiness is the evidence that phosphate is being precipitated out of the system.


  • Removes Phosphates Instantly
  • Bound Phosphates Remain Insoluble Until Removed By Filtration
  • Safe For Aquatic Wildlife Including Corals

Agent Green Is Safe

It is important to note there are various formulations of lanthanum chloride.  Some would not be practical for use with livestock.  Agent Green, however, carries no risks to freshwater nor marine life.  As in all other aspects of life, the right tool is required for the right job.  Always Trust The Shark with  the safety of your livestock.


It’s Showtime

Mirage is how Wayde and Brett get that sparkle for the big reveal and that’s how you will too.  Chemical cleaners work effectively while leaving no streaks, but they often contain ammonia or other toxic chemicals which are harmful to fish. ATM has developed, and uses, Mirage, the #1 glass and acrylic cleaner guaranteed to do the job while leaving no streaks, repelling dust, water spots, and fingerprints.

Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic

Peace of mind is important in aquarium keeping.  Mirage acrylic and glass cleaner offers just that as its non-toxic nature dismisses all worries associated with tank cleaning.  Nothing cleans, polishes, and maintains the viewing experience of your aquarium quite like Mirage.


  • Non-Toxic Formula Cleans And Polishes
  • Ammonia-Free, Leaves No Streaks
  • Repels Dust, Water, And Fingerprints
  • Leaves Smooth Finish That You Can See And Feel!