The One That Works

Utilizing authentic true nitrifying bacteria, Colony establishes bio-filtration in days instead of weeks.

As trusted by public aquariums around the world, including Sea Life centers, Colony’s claim to fame is through results proven in every corner of the globe and in a variety of systems.

“True” Nitrifying Bacteria: The Real Thing

Only aerobic autotrophs perform bio-filtration as we want it in an aquarium, so not just any bacteria will do.  Colony has the right stuff for the right job.

Historically, establishing bio-filtration has been a multi-week process.  As true nitrifying bacteria are slow reproducers, this wait is necessary for colonies to grow large enough to effectively perform bio-filtration with a full bio-load.  Colony effectively fast-forwards the process by pre-culturing these bacteria and delivering a fully intact bio-filter into any new aquarium.


  • To rapidly establish bi0-filtration in new aquarium
  • After medicating
  • When adding new livestock
  • Replacing media

Does Colony Work?

Yes, Colony works.  Trusted by even public aquariums, ATM delivers a product of integrity and exceptional track record.  There are many industries that do not have the luxury of waiting weeks and weeks to establish bio-filtration.  How do they do it?   Just like this.

ATM Colony is easy to understand, easy to use, and best of all, gets the results you want.

Colony Freshwater4oz25 gal
Colony Freshwater8oz50 gal
Colony Freshwater16oz100 gal
Colony Freshwater32oz200 gal
Colony Saltwater16oz50 gal
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